Data Council 

A coordinating body within HHS that has high-level responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the A/S provisions of HIPAA.

Data Content Committee (DCC)
See Designated Data Content Committee. 

Data Condition 
The rule that describes the circumstances under which a covered entity must use a particular data element or segment. [45 CFR 162.103] 

Data Content 
All the data elements and code sets inherent to a transaction, and not related to the format of the transaction. Data elements that are related to the format are not data content. [45 CFR 162.103] 

Data Dictionary (DD)
A document or system that characterizes the data content of a system. 

Data Element 
The smallest named unit of information in a transaction. [45 CFR 162.103]

Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA)
A body that provides administrative services to X12 and several other standards-related groups. 

Related Terms: X-12 

Data Mapping 
The process of matching one set of data elements or individual code values to their closest equivalents in another set of them. 

Data Model 
A conceptual model of the information needed to support a business function or process. 

Data Set 
A semantically meaningful unit of information exchanged between two parties to a transaction. [45 CFR 162.103] 

Data Standards Maintenance Organizations (DSMO)
An organization designated by the Secretary under 162.910(a). [45 CFR 162.103] 

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